Robotic AutoMATION for surveillance & inspection

We propose solutions to easily streamline your security or inspection processes by using autonomous systems and enable operators to fasten reactions on incidents or intrusions.

Collect data systematically and prevent safety hazards by entrusting your fleet of robots while your workforce focus on safer activities with higher added value. Generate actionable insights and reports to boost your productivity.

critical infrastructure protection

Protect your assets against classic and new [hybrid] threats with tailor made solutions to your requirements. Cybrid Thrust proposes risk assessments and vulnerability checks in addition to technological mitigations for physical security, cyber attacks or against non cooperative drones.

Our wide portfolio of solutions & managed services will help your organization to identify and respond to internal or external enemies and avoid disruption.

sensors fusion platform

The huge volume of data and eclectic data sources ecosystems require optimal visualization tools to inform properly your decision-making process.

We provide Command & Control platforms to fuse actionable insights and effect or operate the collecting device or platform.

safe & precise OPERATION

Manned and unmanned platforms operation require high levels of safety and security, especially in aerial domain.

We propose various solutions to ensure a precise and safe landing of your drones or helicopters, but also unmanned traffic management systems with embedded collision avoidance features, to secure coexistence and interaction of different (autonomous) platforms in a same airspace.

indoor security & automation

Indoor GPS denied environments are particularly challenging for several activities related to manned or unmanned operations and their safe execution.

We address these challenges with dedicated solutions, for example by extending connectivity, providing indoor monitoring with radar sensors or using inertial measurement systems to operate an unmanned platform precisely.