advanced robotics

Advanced robotics highly benefitted from broadband connectivity, miniaturization of computing units and increased computing capability, due to the trend in digitalization of the industry. IoTs and other sophisticated sensors enable unmanned robotic platforms to operate autonomously and make huge impact on processes

Our capability and mastery of all steps of the engineering process, from the design or selection of microprocessors to the production of the mechanical interfaces and platforms, allow us to deliver tailor made robotic solutions to fulfill our customers’ requirements, up to an industrial production.

We use extensively additive manufacturing technology and are knowledgeable on the various type of materials to adapt our solutions also in very demanding environments.


The swarming capability is clearly a force multiplier in the type of applications involving sensors and data capture, systems scalability and fast deployment needs.

Swarming technologies are characterized by non-deterministic, complex, adaptive and collective behaviors for decision making, movement and interaction with the environment.

Cybrid Thrust designed a set of tools and technologies for development, simulation and execution of missions with centralized and decentralized swarm systems like drones. These technologies allow the development and optimization of tactics to complete a task in an efficient and resilient way.

edge computing

In today connected world, decentralized or edge computing technologies allow to bring insights in the collected data where needed, enabling decision-making processes to rely on an accurate and fast situational awareness.

This paradigm is heavily influencing the way our solution are designed, and we master the embedding of intelligence in the various solutions we propose, by deploying different types of “smart” sensors bringing value to the overall picture.

To achieve that, we use different systems on a chip, GPUs and CPUs, companion computers and connectivity solutions, to build resilient distributed architectures. Our fusion platform allows to disseminate the actionable and timely information to their immediate users.

artificial intelligence & machine learning

Through the development of novel algorithms, the collection and nurture of our own datasets (or those of our customers) we are able to bring our solutions to their next level of autonomy.

To achieve this, we work with dedicated experts in data analysis or computer vision to build systems with autonomous functions (SAFs). We specialize as well in the Testing, Evaluation, Validation and Verification (TEVVs) of those systems and development of testing scenarios, simulation environments, based on the latest machine learning frameworks.


Quantum technology is leading us towards new disruptive paradigms in fields like cryptography, secure communications, computing power and new sensors development, to mention a few.

Cybrid Thrust is part of various initiatives exploring the early advancements of this technology and its relationship to other of our core competencies, like the use of drones for establishing a quantum internet or a dynamic node for resilient communications networks.

Embedding of quantum random numbers in unmanned platforms protocols to secure them is another area in which we are involved.

augmented & virtual reality

Due to the huge amount of data we capture through number of sensors and platforms, we established the use of digital twins and simulated environment as a default step in most of our activities.

The benefits of using AR/VR to leverage data are a proven fact for our customers and are core components supporting our training methodologies and simulation exercises.

They contribute as well to the establishment of a common and shared picture, the annotation of information or the trend analysis of a specific digitalized asset.